Hoon Ho Chung: Secretary

  • What do you think this novel will be about based on the cover art? (complete sentence)
We think that this novel will be about war. This cannot be about peace. Also, it can be referring to the World War one because there is horses, which was used in World War one. Also the title gives the clue that it is about a war.

  • What is the POV (provide evidence)?
This is first person point of view. The first paragraph starts with "we." This shows the evidence that it is first person not third person.

  • What conflict is introduced?
We can predict the conflict by the first sentence of the first page. It had said that "We are at rest five miles behind the front." (Remarque 1) The word front gives me the idea that it is going to be about a war. Also, I can predict that this can be about how war affects people physically and mentally because usually in every war novels that talk about this kind of theme. For example, Things They Carried is one of those books. Therefore, the conflict is going to be facing war and the affect of war.

  • What characters are introduced?
Tjaden, Muller, and cook was introduced in the first paragraph.

  • What do you learn about each of the characters (provide textual evidence)?
These characters seems like they are soldiers because they are going to the front, which is a place where war takes. These men seems to eat a lot because in the it said that "Each man has another mess-tin full of the evening; and, what is more, there is a double ration of sausage and bead." (page 1) There is not that specific information about each character. Tjaden and Muller seems to be friends.

  • What is the setting (time, location)? (complete sentences)
The setting seems like to be in a war during the World War one in Europe between France and Germany.

Class 38
World Literature Circles - Meeting #1
Pages / Chapters Due: Chapter 1 ~ Chapter 3 (pg1 ~ pg50)

Class 40
World Literature Circles - Meeting #2
Pages / Chapters Due: Chapter 3 ~ Chapter 6

Class 42
World Literature Circles - Meeting #3
Pages / Chapters Due: Chapter 6 ~ Chapter 9

Class 44
World Literature Circles - Meeting #4
Pages / Chapters Due: Chapter 9 ~ Chapter 12

The idea of nationalism starts and affects the youth (Hoon Ho Chung)
TheCorner. World War I - nationalism. 5/16/2009. http://www.thecorner.org/hist/wwi/national.htm

-This source is reliable because it is a ".org" site, which means the site is not for the purpose of making money. Also the sponsor is not only a person, but it is a organization, which is called "The Corner," it shows me that I can rely on this source. Most importantly, the date when the information was updated was 2000~2007, which is quite recent, so I have a good reason to trust this website.

The novel All Quiet on the Western Front takes place during World War one in Europe. One of the causes of this war was nationalism. First of all, nationalism is an idea of being royal to one's nation. For example, German nationalism had brought many people together and people were doing everything for their country. Therefore, there were soldiers who were fighting in this war because of their strong belief in nationalism. Also, when nationalism gets really strong, the country gets strong because the people are going to be dying for their country. Eventually, this idea usually leads to war because every nation wants to make their country the stongest, which creates a lot of conflicts. Then they go to war to see who is stronger. For an illustration, Germany wanted to make their nation stonger and they had conquered a lot of land and gained a lot of power. Therefore, nationalism is a good thing for one country, but it is a dangerous thing to the whole world.