• What do you think this novel will be about based on the cover art? (complete sentence)
I think it would be a monologue with depressing mood. It looks dull and suicidal and pessimistic and depressing.
  • What is the POV (provide evidence)?
First person omniscient. He is talking about what he thinks about his mother's death.
  • What conflict is introduced?
His mom died.
  • What characters are introduced?
Main character (man): his name is not mentioned
  • What do you learn about each of the characters (provide textual evidence)?
The character thinks everything is boring and tiresome. In page 3, it says it caused him too much trouble to visit his mother.
  • What is the setting (time, location)? (complete sentences)
The time is about 10 o'clock noon and it is in a care center of his mom.

  • your topic of research
  • a URL link to your reliable source
  • state why you think the source is reliable
  • write a one paragraph summary of your source (5-8 complete sentences)
  • be prepared to share with your group and the class