Directions: In order to better understand the character(s) you are taking on for the performance project, complete the following analysis. You will post your work on your personal AMND Character Analysis page. If you have only a minor character, you may select one of the major characters instead (please inform Mr. Stephens if you need to make a change). Also, the evidence you gather for your character may come from anywhere in the play unless otherwise specified.
Note: If you wold like to analyze two smaller characters, divide the requirements up between the two characters. For example, rather than listing three to five traits per character - list two traits for each.

Assessment: Besides the items listed below, there is no specific 'word count' required. You should, however, write in completes sentences where it seems appropriate. And, of course, the more insightful and thorough the analysis, the higher the grade.

Please clearly label each section on your wiki page. Include the following in your analysis:

1. Character Name(s):
2. Character Traits:
3. Character Objectives:
  • Explain the character's main objectives in the play (the subtext; what does he/she/it really want?)
  • Find examples and quotes to support each objective
  • Does the character change over the course of the play? If so, explain how. If not, explain why you think he/she/it does not change.
4. Language:
  • Describe how the character talks - find one sentence that demonstrates the style
  • Find three interesting words that your character uses and perform the following analysis 'Word Analysis'
  • Format for Word Analysis:
1. Word: nuptial
2. The Context (including act, scene, and line #): "Now, fair Hippolyta, our nuptial hour draws on apace" (1.1.1-2.)
3. Part of Speech in the Context: adjective
4. Definition: "of or pertaining to marriage or the marriage ceremony: the nuptial day; nuptial vows" (direct quotation from
5. Etymology (language of origin): Latin
6. Prefix, Root, Suffix: nupti: marriage
7. Your Original Sentence: I took my nuptial vows on July 23, 2005.
8. Source: (site), 24 August 2008 (date of access), <> (site URL)
9. Your Name: Mr. Stephens

5. Visual:
  • Are there any intriguing visuals of your character out there on the web? Include one or two pictures / clips. Make sure you indicate the source of your picture / clip.
6. Podcast:
  • In a one to two minute podcast, explain what is most important to know about this character. Use the information you have collected above, using quotes to support what you say.
  • Create podcast in Garage Band
  • Export to iTunes as an MP3 file
  • Upload to your wiki page