Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night's Dream A full-length version of the play

For our first English Wikispaces assignment, you will be divided into teams based on each act of A Midsummer Night's Dream. As a team, you will read your act intensively and enter information on the correct Wikispaces class page to help you and your classmates better understand and enjoy the play. After reading the play, you will be able to return to Wikispaces at any time to review these notes for your final exam.

What kind of material can be added to your act's Wikispaces page? It depends on what you and your teammates find important, but here are some ideas:

  • A summary of your assigned act in your own words.
  • 10 short answer and 2 essay type questions.
  • Character analysis. Examine how the different characters change during your act.
  • Examples of literary terms in action. Share the quotes and explain the literary terms you find.
  • Word analysis: each member of your group must complete a word analysis for five new / interesting words from your act. See example below.
  • Bonus -- Share any activities, videos, or other interesting trivia or insights that you think will enhance your classmates' enjoyment of the play. This is not a requirement but encouraged.
  • Delineate your work. Label which section you did, with your full name, so that you can receive credit for your work.
  • Peer-editing. You will receive an individual and team grade for this assignment. Help each other by peer-editing each others' work so that you receive the credit you deserve and your page represents you favorably.
  • Also, make sure your page is well organized: each section is clearly labeled and all work has the author's name.
  • All paraphrased or quoted material must be correctly cited. Use the OWL.

Format for Word Analysis:
1. Word: nuptial
2. The Context (including act, scene, and line #): "Now, fair Hippolyta, our nuptial hour draws on apace" (1.1.1-2.)
3. Part of Speech in the Context: adjective
4. Definition: "of or pertaining to marriage or the marriage ceremony: the nuptial day; nuptial vows" (direct quotation from
5. Etymology (language of origin): Latin
6. Prefix, Root, Suffix: nupti: marriage
7. Your Original Sentence: I took my nuptial vows on July 23, 2005.
8. Source:, 2008, 24 August 2008, <>
9. Your Name: Mr. Stephens

Citing Sources

Please research your work carefully by using trusted Internet and print resources. Remember Diana Hacker's rules for validating resources and apply them judiciously.

More importantly, you need to enter as much information as possible into Wikispaces using your own words. Any time that you do not use your own words or material in Wikispaces, you must cite your resources correctly. While you are gathering research on the Internet for your Wikispaces page, you need to take note of the following:

1. Name of author(s)
2. Title of the website
3. Names of any editors
4. Date of publication
5. Name of any sponsoring organization
6. Date you found the website
7. URL of the website (ex: <>)

Not every website will have all seven items listed above, but you need to write down as many as possible in the order listed above and then insert that information in parentheses at the immediate end of the material you enter. This will help you get in the practice of doing so when you have research papers later this year.

Grading Criteria

Your Wikispaces page will be graded as follows:

1. All work added to the Wikispaces page must be in your team's own words as much as possible. Whenever you use material from other sources, you must cite it correctly using the criteria listed above. Not doing so will mean that your team is in violation of the KIS Academic Honesty Policy and your team will not receive credit for Wikispaces content.

2. Your Wikispaces page must provide valuable notes, explanations, and enrichment material to help your classmates understand the play better. Creativity and originality count, too, so keep that in mind when designing your Wikispaces page.

3. In addition to providing valuable information, your team must present that information in a quality fashion. Notes and other material should be labeled, organized, and easily accessible to your classmates checking in to use the resource. It must also be input in a timely fashion.

Keeping these three criteria in mind will help you succeed on this assignment. Now, enjoy the play! ||


C. T. Onions, A Shakespeare Glossary