Journal 1:

I think the most important part of English is it being there for people to be able to express themselves and communicate their ideas to other people. English becomes interesting when people use it to tell stories about things that don't really happen in real life, and the reader can be taken into a whole different setting than in the real world. I think English becomes uninteresting when we have to worry about conventions or grammar and we can't simply write for the fun of it without having to worry about those things. It also becomes uninteresting when we have to write things for school about things we don't really care about.

Journal 2:

I think one of the main points of Amy Tan's essay is to get the reader to think about how we say things differently to people depending on how well they speak english or how highly educated they are, but just because they are not a strong english speaker does not make them less of a person. People also change the way they speak depending on where they are and what kind of people they are talking to, for example, when Tan was talking to a group of people about her book the Joy Luck Club, she realized she spoke with a lot more intelligent phrases than she usually did with her mother because her audience was made up of her readers and people who spoke english well. Also I think that she wanted to point out that just because someone doesn't understand a lot of technical aspects of English or score well on an English exam doesn't mean they are not capable of writing well and making people understand them. Language ability tests can rarely read how a person thinks or how brilliant someone's ideas are.

Journal 3:

I'm not familiar with the six traits of writing, but I have learned some of the different elements that we need to include in out papers to make them sound good. One of them is imagery. The reader needs to be able to feel like they are in the story and can easily visualize the setting. Also papers need a hook sentence and thesis to capture the readers attention and make the paper more interesting. The essay should have a beginning, middle, and end and the events should flow together so that the essay makes sense.

Journal 4:

The best piece of writing I have ever read would probably have to be the novel Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. What made this novel stand out to me was not necessarily how beautifully written or well-worded it was, but how the author put ideas of the future of the world and how well he told his story. Orson Scott Card used letters written by different characters at the beginning of each chapter to help tell the story and give background information.

Journal 5:

There are a couple of writing traits that I am weak in, and one of the is voice. I get so busy with worrying about my grammar and sentence structure when I am writing that it is hard for me to make it seem like there is a real person behind my words. I rarely include feelings in my writing, and that is a little bit of the reason that my including voice in my writing is weak. I'm pretty good at organization, though. I don't find it difficult to organize the events in my story so that they make sense and are chronological. I can also easily make the paragraphs flow together so they do not jump from one event to the next.

Journal 6:

I know that William Shakespear was a great writer and playwright-er. A lot of words that are in the english language today are there because William Shakespear came up with them; words like "upstairs" and "bump" were made up by William Shakespear. To me, his most famous play would have to be Romeo and Juliet, which is the one that I have heard of the most. I know he used a lot of old English because of the time period that he lived in. Originally, only males acted in his plays- even in female roles- because it was unacceptable for women to act on stage. But over time, women were allowed to be on stage and it was soon no longer an all-male cast.

Journal 7:

Shakespear was important because of his contribution to the English language and his influence on it. I think that especially to the people who lived when he did, he was important because he provided any works of literature and plays to be entertained with. He created many new words that were added to the english language and things were described more easily. He was responsible for the evolving of the dramas and plays; he began with dramas that were based on the medieval era that evolved into comedy and tragedy which then became romantic tragicomedy.

Journal 8

I have never seen or been in a play written by Shakespeare, but I have been in many other different plays. So when I get to go downtown to see a play or a musical, I spend a lot of time during the play not only enjoying it and following the story line, but also thinking about the perspective of the actors and about all of the people behind the scenes working that play at that very moment. I have to admit that a lot of the time when I go to see professional touring companies and the shows that they put on, I can't help but feel a little bit jealous of the actors. I really enjoyed my time on tour and in the years following it I really missed it, and that was why my experiences seeing musicals downtown are different than the experience of a friend coming to see the play with me.

Journal 9

I do think that there are cases where young people can challenge the authority of their family and society. I believe young people have that right when hypocrisy is involved. When authority figures tell young people they aren't allowed do do something, and then they do it themselves, then it makes it hard for a young person to respect the demand and the person and demanded it. For example, if someone has a parent who is an alcoholic, that parent doesn't really have the right to tell the child to never have a drink in his/her life. Also, young people have the right to challenge the authority of parents who think that just because they are the parent, they can abuse the child and not let them have a say in anything.

Journal 10:

If my parents didn't approve of someone that i hang out with, I would probably tell them that they don't really know them well enough to make a judgment about them, especially if it was someone that one of my parents had only talked to for a few minutes. I would also mention to my parents that they should trust me well enough to be able to make the right decisions around them and have enough self-control to not to be negatively influenced by them. They would also have to trust that they raised me well enough to be able to pick my friends wisely, and if I thought that my parents were wrong about the person, they would have to believe that I know the person well enough to make my own decision. But, if one of my parents tells me that they don't approve of someone, I would try and listen and pay attention to the kind of things that person says. I wouldn't want to be blind and get into trouble later just because I didn't listen to my parents' advice, just like the kind of scenarios you would see in movies.

Journal 11:

I know that the Renaissance was a time of revival and rebirth. This involved the revival of architecture, many different kinds of art, and writing that was pretty much reinvented during the renaissance. The renaissance took place around the medieval era, but the term "Renaissance" can be used by itself to describe that time period. Shakespeare could be related to the Renaissance because he alone was responsible for a dramatic change in the styles of writing that were used in the time period in which he lived.

Journal 12:

The conflict in A Midsummer Night's Dream that is already beginning to arise is conflict and rebellion against authority figures. Because Hermia and Lysander decide to run away to the woods, they have disobeyed her father and the King because they told them that they cannot get married. Another conflict is that both Demetrius and Helena both cannot have the one person they love, which, for Helena is Demetrius and for Demetrius is Hermia. Helena is heartbroken because Demetrius despises her and loves her best friend.

Journal 13:

If I were to write a play, it would probably be about a couple who loses each other at war and then years later they find each other again. When they find each other, they immediately fall back in love, but the problem is that both of them had been forced to move on with their lives after the war, and both of them are married and the husband has children. This is a problem because even though they know that they should be loyal to their families, the thing they want most in the world is to be with each other. The story in a way has a sad ending because the man tells the girl that as much as he wants to be with her, he cannot because of his wife and kids, and the woman understands. They each go back to their families and never end up being together.

Journal 14:

In act 1, Hermia's father goes to the king to complain that instead of marrying Demetrius, the man he wants her to marry, she wants to marry Lysander. Hermia and Lysander love each other, Demetrius loves Hermia and despises Helena, and Helena is jealous of Hermia because she wants Demetrius to love her. Hermia and Lysander plan to run off into the wood so they could be married, and when Helena hears this plan, she tells Demetrius and they both go into the woods as well. In the woods,

Journal 15:

I am keeping up with the reading schedule I created. I planned to read most of the pages during the Chusok holiday because that is when we would have the most time to read. Now I only have to read a few pages a day to keep up with the reading and finish on time. So far, I really like the book I am reading. It has not gotten to complex and I like how the book puts into perspective how real people in Korea lived through the Japanese rule during World War II. As I was reading I noticed how different things were back then. They cherished every little thing that was given to them, as in presents, such as pine needles, old books, and hand-drawn things. Today, we don't usually value the simple things they did.

Journal 16:

In A Midsummer Night's Dream, love was portrayed as foolish because of the way it quickly came and went among a lot of the characters. For instance, Titania instantly became in love with something so ridiculous as an ass simply because King Oberon had wished it. And just as quickly as it had come, Titania instantly fell out of love with Bottom. In this play, love was controlled by humans, and that was why the relationships between the characters became chaotic. Love was also portrayed as blind because, in Lysander's case, he completely ignored the fact that he had just been in love with Hermia the night before and all of a sudden he was in love with Helena. Because he was so compassionate about Helena, he was blind and did not even think about what Hermia was telling him about how he was just recently in love with her. He also didn't even bother to think about why he all of a sudden was in love with Helena and now hated Hermia because he was so wrapped up in how he wanted to be with Helena.

Journal 17:

I liked reading A Midsummer Night's Dream because I thought the storyline was very interesting. I also like how Shakespeare tied together all of the characters' stories and made the faeries, the four Athenians, the group of actors, and Theseus and Hippolyta all relate to each other and affect each other's lives. The only thing that made it difficult to read was the old english, so most of the time I used the modern English to read the story.

Journal 18:

This weekend I had cheer camp. for four days, we met with a professional cheerleading couple and they helped us A LOT with our cheer techniques. They also taught us new cheers, chants, and dances. We really bonded with them for some reason, and on Saturday night before we slept over at the school, we ate dinner with them. It seemed like the longest weekend that we have had since school started. Every day, from Friday to Sunday, we had camp from nine in the morning until four thirty in the afternoon. During that time, we worked extremely hard practicing dances, jumps, stunts, cheers, and our technique. Even though it was a lot of hard work, the camp got me even more excited for the cheer season to start because I can't wait to finally be in front of a crowd in the middle of the excitement of a game and show people our amazing dances.

Journal 20:

I noticed that the characters voices changed when they weren't certain of what they were doing on the stage. The actor who played the Wall had a very meek voice while Pyramus, who was very confident in his role and also in the play, spoke with a very loud, clear voice. Also, the actor who played Thisbe showed that he was embarrassed by having to play a woman and ashamed that people were laughing at him; he showed this both by his voice and by his actions. At the end of the play, he changed his voice to sound like a male because he no longer wanted to play a woman. Also, he looked very nervous when people laughed at him and showed this by stuttering and giving nervous glances at the audience. Quine, offstage, showed his frustration in his voice by sighing and raising his voice. He showed it physically by sometimes putting his head in his hands and wearing a frustrated expression on his face. At the beginning of the scene, music was played; it was the traditional tune that is played at weddings. This helped the scene by immediately telling the viewer that a wedding had just taken place and the music also helped to identify that the three couples in the middle were the ones who had just gotten married. Something else that I noticed was that not only the main actors in the scene (the people on the stage) were acting, but also the audience. Even though sometimes they didn't have any lines, they were still acting by reacting appropriately to what the other actors were saying and doing.

Journal 21:

I think this essay deserved a 4. Although the author was very good at describing the story and summarizing it, they should not receive a perfect score because there was little or no voice at any point in the paper and no outstanding word choice. Something that I did find that the author did well was grammar, organization, and sentence fluency. There was a clear introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs and there were no events out of order. The author also did a good job of using transition words to switch between events. The grammar and sentence fluency were also good because the words flowed together and it was easy to read. There were a couple of times when the reader had to stop because of multiple spelling errors. This did make the paper less fluid. But even with the spelling errors, the sentences were grammatically correct and were well stuctured. There was also differentiation in the length of the sentences.

Journal 22:

I think that the conclusion paragraph of The Symbolism of the Conch was a very good one because, since the main part of the essay was simply summarizing the story, the conclusion paragraph added some though from the reader about the book and then analyzed it. The writer did a good job of wrapping up his essay by doing this and he also restated his argument and used events in the book that he put into his essay to support it. It actually made me want to read that book sometime when I have the time.

Journal 23:

The character analysis is fairly organized and uses bullet points, but it is not labeled by section. My partner had not completed the assignment and is still missing parts III through VI. The information that is there, though, is a little bit confusing and switches from talking about Bottom's character to Pyramus's and it seems like the information could be more organized. There were also not that many quotes and proof from the text. She did do a good job of analyzing the character's actions and interpreting what his personality is like from them.


Class 1: NA

Class 2: NA

Class 3

original: the book the warden is considered among the better of trollopes many novels
corrected: The book The Warden is considered among the better of Trollope's many novels.

Class 4

original: there are several steps necessary to replace a damaged internal modem first eject the modem second deinstall the software then replace the broken one with a new one

corrected: There are several steps necessary to replace a damaged internal modem: first, eject the modem; second, deinstall the software; then, replace the broken one with a new one.

Class 5

Original #1: they would of froze during the blizzard but they seen an empty house that protected them from the biting winds coming off of the appalachian mountains
Corrected: They would have frozen during the blizzard, but they saw an empty house that protected them from the biting winds coming off the Appalachian Mountains.

Original #2: lee was watching the movie the sixth sense - at least i think he said that - when the video player stopped working
Corrected: Lee was watching the movie The Sixth Sense- at least I think he said that- when the video player stopped working.

Class 6

Original #1: jose rung the bell at the delivery entrance when noone answered he left quickly
Corrected: Jose rang the bell at the delivery entrance; when no one answered, he left quickly.

Original #2: i and my brother catched the train at fifty second and beachhaven streets unfortunately, we got off of the train too blocks to soon.
Corrected: My brother and I caught the train at Fifty-Second and Beachhaven Streets; unfortunately, we got off of the train two blocks too soon.

Class 7

Original #1: because in order to repair youre damaged Motorcycle which is all banged in shell have to do alot of repainting
Corrected: In order to repair your damaged motorcycle, she'll have to do a lot of repainting.

Original #2: he could of swam to that reef but its to stormy to try that
Corrected: He could have swum to that reef, but it was too stormy to try that.

Class 8

Original #1: me and by brother weared blue jeans we wasnt admitted to the bigelow
Corrected: Because my brother and I wore blue jeans, we weren't admitted to the Bigelow.

Original #2: the young woman drived that there blue car wearing a white scarf
Corrected: The young woman drove that blue car while wearing a white scarf.

Class 9

Original #1: because your late finishing the book report youll have to give we girls the books to take to diegos house
Corrected: Because you were late in finishing the book report, you will have to give the girls the books to take to Diego's house.

Original #2: my grandfather he dont always have time to call us on our Birthdays but he does send cards and presents
Corrected: My grandfather doesn't always have time to call us on our birthdays, but he does send us cards and presents.

Class 10

Original #1:they wont be going to the west this spring however theyll be going to connecticut
Corrected: They won't be going to the West this spring; however, they'll be going to Connecticut.

Original #2: i and my sister have chose to do the following start shopping for video games compare prices on-line and send to e-mails
Corrected: My sister and I have chosen to do the following: start shopping for video games; compare prices online; and send two e-mails.

Class 11

Original #1: there car wold not start irregardless of what they tried they finally beeped youre friend i think
Corrected: Their car would not start regardless of what they tried; I think they finally called your friend.

Original #2: wasnt that a great softball game we seen with colette and liu your friends
Corrected: Wasn't that a great softball game that we saw with Colette and Liu, you friends?

Class 12

Original #1: the long poem the lady of the lake was wrote by sir walter scott james said and is considered one of the poets best
Corrected: "The long poem, The Lady of the Lake, was written by Sir Walter Scott," James said, "and is considered one of the poet's best."

Original #2: when will you learn me to use this computer jenny asked must i ask you in another three months
Corrected: "When will you teach me how to use this computer?" Jenny asked. "Must I ask you in another three months?"

Class 13

Sentence 1: he has wrote a novel entitled the lonely desert and sold a painting named illuminations
Corrected: He has written a novel entitled "The Lonely Desert" and sold a painting named "Illuminations".

Sentence 2: i gotta be me was sung by sammy at the concert presented at the suji building
Corrected: "I Gotta Be Me" was sung by Sammy at the concert, which was presented at the Suji building.

Class 14

Original #1: since they may of drank the orange juice but we didnt touch the fruit punch
Corrected: They may have drunk the orange juice, but we didn't touch the fruit punch.

Original #2: jamel dont want nothing returned but newsweek and people the 2 magazines that he give to them students
Corrected: Jamel doesn't want anything returned but Newsweek and People, the two magazines that he gave to those students.

Class 15

Original #1: shira announced heatedly the better of them three runners didnt even place in that there matathon.
Corrected: Shira announced heatedly, "The better of those three runners didn't even place in that marathon."

Original #2: the oil bursted during the morning during the afternoon mom founded a plumber to repair them
Corrected: The oil burst in the morning. During the afternoon, Mom found a plumber to repair it.

Class 16:

Original #1:the man who was the one wearing the blue workshirt should of brung his wife and child with he
Corrected: The man, who was the one wearing the blue workshirt, should have brought his wife and child with him.

Original #2: the australian aborigine have knowed for a long time what it means to be persecuted dont you think
Corrected: The Australian Aborigine have know for a long time what it means to be persecuted, don't you think?

Class 17:

Original #1: the spirit of st louis was the plane whom charles lindbergh flies in across the atlantic
Corrected: The Spirit of St. Louis was the plane that Charles Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic.

Original #2: the future of the internet is the name of a article in this Computer magazine do you want to read them
Corrected: The Future of the Internet is the name of an article in Computer Magazine; do you want to read it?

Class 18

Original #1: 38 customers should of did the following examined the merchandise returned it and they should of wrote a letter of complaint
Corrected: Thirty-eight customer should have done the following: examine the merchandise, return it, and they also should have written a letter of complaint.

Original #2: dad said you could of raise the window for more air or you could of open the door for more ai
Corrected: Dad said, "You could have raised the window for more air, or you could have opened the door."

Class 19:

Original #1: arent their alot of quoted passages in youre short story peter
Corrected: Aren't there a lot of quoted passages in your short story, Peter?

Sentence 2: the students had sold many newspaper subscriptions the computer doesnt cost them to much
Corrected: Because the students had sold many newspaper subscriptions, the computer didn't cost them too much.

Class 20:

Sentence 1: irregardless of the similarities youve noted the washington post is different than the new york times
Corrected: Regardless of the similarities, you've noted that The Washington Post is different than The New York Times.

Sentence 2: nancy unpacked the software starts the computers and then she loads it
Corrected:Nancy unpacked the software, started the computers, and then loaded them.

Class 21:

Sentence 1: rushing across the street the bluish purple motorcycle almost hit leo
Corrected: Rushing across the street, Leo almost got hit by the bluish-purple motorcycle.

Sentence 2: she has a great photo of the scene anna yelled as she runs to help her Sister
Corrected: "She has a great photo of the scene," Anna yelled as she ran to help her sister.

Class 22:

Sentence 1: greenwich village an area in lower new york is the setting for the short story washington square
Corrected: Greenwich Village, an area in lower New York, is the setting for the short story "Washington Square".

Sentence 2: because my mom and dad i think want to travel when us kids are in college
Corrected: My mom and dad, I think, want to travel when we kids are in college.

Class 23:

Sentence 1: the television soap opera guiding light is on to early im still at work when it begin
Corrected: The television soap opera Guiding Light is on too early; I'm still at work when it begins.

Sentence 2: shira reckless drived the car into the lot flinged the door open quickly and then she takes her briefcase into the house
Corrected: Shira recklessly drove the car into the lot, flung the door open quickly, and then took her briefcase into the house.