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Journal #1
Question: What part of English is the most important and / or interesting? What part of English is the least important and / or interesting?

The purpose of language is to communicate both easily and efficiently, that is what I believe is core of every language. Due to this fact, I firmly believe that the most important part of English is to be able to communicate one's ideas. Another core value I see in English is knowing the roots of the English words. The reasoning behind this decision was since by knowing all the prefixes and suffixes of the language one can basically know the rough definitions of every single word. However, what many Koreans believe is that the important part of English is being able to master the advanced vocabulary which show up on the SAT, here we see a flaw in the Korean education. Knowing advanced vocabulary is not the core of the English language. Just because one can memorize 100 SAT words a day is not the same as being fluent on the SAT. So, I am currently against the verbal section on SAT Reasoning Test since all it does not demonstrate the true English skills of that test taker.

Journal #2
Question: What do you think is Tan's main reason for writing "Mother Tongue?" Support your answer with evidence from the text. (Hint: The first few paragraphs of an essay will often reveal the writer's purpose.)

Proficiency of a language does not characterize the sentiment of the person. This thought is echoed by Amy Tan on varying degrees in her essay "Mother Tongue." She supports this idea by reasoning that her mother could read complex journals such as "Wall Street" and understand the articles even if her English-proficient daughter could not make sense of it. Also, she also shows how there is no set language and that the English langauage is not really standardizes. This thought is often echoed as the other says the phrases "Englishes" and "Mother Tongue." So the author of this essay is basically refuting the discrimination that her family members face due to the lack of English proficiency.

Journal #3
Question: What do you know about the 6-traits of writing? How have you found the 6-traits to be useful and/or confusing? Please explain. If you don't know anything about the 6-traits, explain what makes writing "good."

Answer: Yes, I do know about the 6-traits of writing. This is due to the fact that Ms. Bilbrey, my eight grade English teacher grade us on the 6 traits. I have found the six traits of writing to be quite useful for writing normal essays in class, however I do not believe it is wise to write a Thesis paper based on the Six Traits of Writing. My reasoning behind this decision is that Thesis papers call for more

Journal #4
Question: What is the best piece of writing you have ever read? It could be a novel, short story, poem, essay, even a textbook (probably not!). Explain what made the writing strong. Attempt to talk about the writing style of the author and not simply the plot.

Answer: The best piece of writing I have ever read was The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. Though it is just a short war novel of the effects of warfare on the country Afghanistan, I truly believe that it is the best piece of writing. What the author manages to achieve through his writing is to convey the emotions fo the Afghanistans to the reader. I could clearly see through the eyes of Sohrab or the narrator as the story prgressed. This style truly made this book one of my favorites.

Journal #5
Question: Take out and look over your 6-traits writing rubric. In which trait are you the strongest? In which trait are you the weakest? Explain your answers.

Answer: I believe I am strongest in the content trait of the 6-traits of writing rubric. This is since I like to expand upon my ideas with clarity. Due to these reasons I think that I am best at the content part of writing. I also believe that I am weakest in the convention part of my writing. This is since it is not rare that I make mistakes in using grammar. Also, when I am typing up my essays on the computer I make quite a lot of grammatical mistakes due to the fact I am not think over the words I am typing.

Journal #6
Question: What do you know about some dude called William Shakespeare?

Answer: Well I do know a lot of theories on Shakespeare. Some say that he was "gay" due to the fact that some of the love sonnets he wrote was addressed to men. But, this can be easily disproved since Shakespeare wrote these sonnets for other people, such as couples. Others, say that he was a supposedly did not exist and that his plays were written by groups of playwrights. Finally, I know he is a great playwright since I read his plays such as MacBeth, Taming of the Shrew, Tempest, Midsummer Night's Dream, and several other plays.

Journal #7
Question: Why does everyone (almost) say that Shakespeare is so important? Do you agree or disagree? Have you read any Shakespeare before? Describe your experience.

Answer: What Shakespeare did in his lifetime was that he developed a new era of literature. This era became to be known as one of the greatest impacts in literature. Shakespeare has been regarded as one of the greatest individual in the world of literature due to the fact his diversity of vocabulary is frankly amazing. This is since Shakespeare had more than two times diversity of vocabulary than most people of his time. Secondly, he founded what became known as the "Iambic Panda meter" which puts stress on the second vowel of the word which enhanced his plays even more. I would have to agree that Shakespeare is one of the greatest playwrights in history, this due to the fact that his plays contained intrigue and moved his audience. I have read some Shakespeare and one's got to admit that he has style.

Journal #8
Question: Have you ever seen a Shakespearean play performed? Describe your experience. If you have never attended a Shakespearean play, describe your experience attending any play.

Answer: As a matter of fact I have seen three Shakespeare plays performed. First of all is the play I attended at KIS Phoenic PAC. I saw the current sophomores put on the show of the Midsummer Night's Dream. This experience was great since the highschoolers performed the play without any significant mistakes. Also I was easily able to understand the story. Secondly, I also watched a Shakespeare movie on the MacBeth. It was quite a old movie so I was quite horrified with teh special effects. However, other than that I felt it was quite a good movie. Finally, the last performance was a Shakespeare parody which was titled "Drop Dead Juliet" which I actually took part in. However, sadly the play was cancelled due to the fact it was not as polished as it should be.

Journal #9
Question: Are there some issues on which young people have a right to challenge the authority of society or the family? What might be one of those issues? How might you justify their right?

Answer: Although lacking the wisdom of the elders, young people also have insight in various categories. On such example is that of the young people have right to challenge issues regarding their personal lives. This is due to the fact that while parents may have more wisdom than their children they do not necessarily have more knowledge their son might have more insight in the topic than his or her parents. Due to this fact I believe young people have a right to challenge their parents in some issues.

Journal #10
Question: If you had a friend of whom your parents did not approve, what arguments would you present to change their minds? Explain.

Answer: Well parents are mostly concerned of their son's or daughter's friend due to the fact that they might transmit bad influence into their children. So my main arguments would rebut against statement. Due to this fact one of my arguments I would use to change my parent's view would be to tell them of the good influences my friend had on me such organization skills. In this way I would plan to change my parent's minds.

Journal #11
Question:What do you know about the the Renaissance? How does the world presented in A Midsummer Night's Dream reflect (or not reflect) Renaissance thinking? What does Shakespeare have to do with the Renaissance?

Answer: The renaissance was a period of time in which the view of the people radically changed. During this age many new discoveries were made and became the cause of the Scientific Revolution and many other revivals. I believe the world in A midsummer Night's Dream reflects Renaissance thinking due to the fact that it incorporates imagination with the play such as fairy creatures. Also Shakespeare has a lot to do with the Renaissance. So these were my overall impressions on the Renaissance.

Journal #12
Question: What conflicts are evident at this point in A Midsummer Night's Dream? Explain your answers.

Answer: there are several conflicts that are introduced at this point in A Midsummer Night's Dream. First of all, we see the conflict between Demetrius and Lysander over the love for Hermia. They seem to be ready to duel any time soon due to their passion for Hermia's Love. Also there is another conflict between Titania and Oberon. Both of them are at the moment contesting for an Indian boy to raise with their own beliefs. So overall, these are the two main conflicts.
Journal #13
Question: Suppose you were going to write a play. Briefly describe the plot, setting, and primary conflict.

Answer: If I was going to write a play I would base the theme upon "Utopia," an imaginary world where everything is perfect. However, by writing a play upon this subject matter, I would introduce the negative actions that would be caused by such a world. The plot of this play would be about humanity be reduced to nothing more than animals as they no longer have to worry about what goes on in the world. The primary conflict that would result from this play would revolve around the degradation of human sentiments in the world today.

Journal #14
Question: As a review after a week off, summarize, in your own words, the major plot events in Acts 1 and 2 of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Answer: Overall, as of Acts 1 and 2 of A Midsummer Night's Dream the conflicts that took place is of between the the two couples and the fairies. The two couples are at the present fighting over the love Hermia while Helena desperately tries to gain the love of Demetrius. The fairies at this time are also fighting over the owenership of the Indian boy. Also, since Titania refuses to hand him over, Oberon becoems furious and asks Puck to retrieve magical flowers to enchant her.

Journal #15
Question: Are you keeping up with the reading schedule you created for your 'World' literature reading project? Explain. Next, describe what you think of your book so far.

Answer: Yes, I was able to finsih the Illiad during Chuseok as planned with the reading schedule. After reading the Illiad I truly felt that it was an epic poem. This was due to the fact that the poem was able to clearly show us an image of its battles that in contained. After reading the Illiad I was truly amazed at the level of detail it had acheived in the poem. Overall, I was able to keep up with reading schedule and I was amazed by my book.

Journal #16
Question: How can love be foolish or blind? Explain with examples from the text of AMND.

Answer: Love can foolish and blind due to the fact that most lovers do not concern themselves with their behaviors and act in the way they feel like doing. Due to this fact most people while under the influence of love do not think of the conseuquences of their action and can achieve to be quite foolish or blind. For example, in Titania falling for Bottom, she is literally blind as she is in love with a ass-headed man. So overall, in these wasys love can be foolish or blind.

Journal #17
Question: What do you like so far about Shakespeare and A Midsummer Night's Dream? What do you dislike? (It's OK to be critical, but be specific and explain yourself - words like 'stupid' and 'boring' are not impressive.)

Answer: I generally greatly enjoy Shakespeare's plays and A Midsummer Night's Dream was no exception. I loved how Shakepseare structured the plot to gain the audiences attention. Also we can see the traditional love triangle taking place in this play. This also adds to the plot of the play. The only part I dislike about this play was the repetitive factors that came out such as the conversation between Puck and Oberon concerning the humans and Titania's blind love. So this is how I feel overall about this play.

Journal #18
Question: Free Choice

Answer: Since this is my choice, I will just write about the Illiad, the book I am reading. The Illiad is an epic poem by Homer based on the Trojan War. This story tells us of the battles between the Trojans and the Greeks, or argonauts. In the middle of this fray several heroes such Odysseus and Hector rise among all men. Many question why such a war occurred between to similar countries, according the Illiad the most beatiful human by the name of Helena was that face that brought the thousand ships to war. Overall, I believe that the Illiad is based upon the true courage and valor of mankind.

Journal #19
Question: What do you find interesting about your scene? Why? What questions do you have about your scene? What character(s) are you interested in playing?

Answer: In our scene, Titania falls for Bottom, the transformation of Bottom's head would be the most interesting part. This is due tot the fact that the sudden change in Bottom's head allows Oberon extract revenge upon Titania by making her fall in love with it. Also, it is quite hilarious to just imagine Bottom's "translated" face. While I have no questions in this scene the only part that I would liek to play is that of Robin Goodfellow who changes Bottom's head.

Journal 20:
Question: Video analysis: Rather than a regular journal, let's take a look at a few clips from a film version of AMND. Please discuss the following in your journal reflection: What do you notice about the way the actors use their voices to express meaning / show how the character feels? How do the actors use physical movement to express meaning / show how the character feels? Is there any music used and how does it help set the scene? What else did you notice about the performance that might help you in your performance

Answer: Here, the actors were able to use their voices in order to show how they felt. Even though, I personally believe that they overdid it slightly, such emphasizing in crucial in plays. The actors also used their physical movements to show their feeling by various postures. Such an example would if the shoulders of an actor were slumped he or she would be trying to look glum or sad. Finally, the music helps set the scene up by portraying general atomosphere of the scene. This was what I was able to analyze for the vidoe clip.

Journal #21
Question: Read the essay entitled "The Symbolism of the Conch." Now look at the Ideas and Content trait on your "Student Scoring Guide." If you don't have your physical copy, open the PDF file at the bottom of the homepage. What score does this essay deserve for Ideas and Content? Why? Share your thoughts with your DOL partner.

Answer: I beleive that The Symbolism of the Conch should recieve a 5 for ideas and Content. This was due to the fact that the essay gave numerous examples to support its thesis. Also all these examples were not only stated but also carefully analyzed. This added to the whole essay and I believe it has done a great job at portraying its ideas.

Journal #22
Question: Reread the final paragraph of "The Symbolism of the Conch." Does the author successfully conclude his paper? Use the requirements for a conclusion below to answer the question. Of the six ways listed to conclude an essay, which does the author use?

Answer: Well I believe that his author succesfully concluded his paper due to the fact that he restated his thesis and drew a close to ideas. For such a feat I believe he did very well. By buttressing his essay through stating his main points again the author was able to leave a strong impression upon the reader. Of the six ways to conclude the I believe that they used the last method by voicing its ideas again. Overall, I believe the author did a fantastic job in ending the essay.

Journal #23
Question: Read (and listen to) your DOL partner's Character Analysis. What did they do well? How could they improve their project? Share your CONSTRUCTIVE thoughts with your partner. Also, share what you learned about the character.

Answer: Well although my DOL partner did great job of making the podcast there are few ways for her to improve. She could change the organization by introducing what she is going to at the beginning of the podcast, by this way she could have improved her podcast greatly. Also I believe she had slight techincal problems due to the fact that I couldn't hear some of her voices. Finally, I would like to recomment her to add a background song so she can cover up her mistakes with the song. So overall, in these ways I believe that Rebecca could improve the pocast, however it was already of very good quality. Great job!

Daily Oral Languages

Daily Oral Language #1 NA

Daily Oral Language #2 NA

Daily Oral Language #3
Incorrect Sentence: the book the warden is considered among the better of trollopes many novels
Corrected Sentence: The book, The Warden is considered among the best of humorous novels.

Daily Oral Language #4
Incorrect Sentence: there are several steps necessary to replace a damaged internal modem first eject the modem second deinstall the software then replace the broken one with a new one
Corrected Sentence: Several steps are necessary to replace a damaged internal modem: first, eject the modem; second, uninstall the software; then replace the broken modem with a new one.

Daily Oral Language #5
Incorrect Sentence 1: they would of froze during the blizzard but they seen an empty house that protected them from the biting winds coming off of the appalachian mountains
Correct Sentence 1: They would have frozen during the blizzard, but they saw an empty house that protected from the biting winds coming off the Appalachian mountains.

Incorrect Sentence 2: lee was watching the movie the sixth sense - at least i think he said that - when the video player stopped working
Correct Sentence 2: Lee was watching the movie The Sixth Sense at least I think he said that when the video player stopped working.

Daily Oral Language #6
Incorrect Sentence 1: jose rung the bell at the delivery entrance when noone answered he left quickly
Correct Sentence 1: Jose rang the bell at the delivery entrance and when no one answered, he left quickly.

Incorrect Sentence 2: i and my brother catched the train at fifty second and beachhaven streets unfortunately, we got off of the train too blocks to soon
Correct Sentence 2: My brother and I caught the train at Fifty Second Beachhaven streets; unfortunately, we got off the train two blocks too soon.

Daily Oral Language #7
Incorrect Sentence 1: because in order to repair youre damaged Motorcycle which is all banged in shell have to do alot of repainting
Correct Sentence 1: In order to repair your damage motorcycle; she'll have to do a lot of repainting.

Incorrect Sentence 2: he could of swam to that reef but its to stormy to try that
Correct Sentence 2: He could have swam to that reef, but it was too stormy to try that.

Daily Oral Language #8
Incorrect Sentence 1: me and my brother weared blue jeans we wasnt admitted to the bigelow restaurant
Correct Sentence 1: My brother and I wore blue jeans so we weren't admitted to the Bigelow restaurent.

Incorrect Sentence 2: the young woman drived that there blue car wearing a white scarf
Correct Sentence 2: The young woman who wore a white scarf drove the blue car.

Daily Oral Language #9
Incorrect Sentence 1: because your late finishing the book report youll have to give we girls the books to take to diegos house
Correct Sentence 1: Because you were late in finishing the book report, you'll have to give the girsl the books to take to Diego's house.

Incorrect Sentence 2: my grandfather he dont always have time to call us on our Birthdays but he does send cards and presents
Correct Sentence 2: My grandfather does not always have to call us on our birthdays, but he does send cards and presents.

Daily Oral Language #10
Incorrect Sentence 1: they wont be going to the west this spring however theyll be going to connecticut
Correct Sentence 1: They won't be going west this spring, however they'll be going to Connecticut.

Incorrect Sentence 2: i and my sister have chose to do the following start shopping for video games compare prices on-line and send to e-mails
Correct Sentence 2: My sister and I chose to start shopping, compare prices on-line, and send e-mails.

Daily Oral Language #11
Incorrect Sentence 1: there car wold not start irregardless of what they tried they finally beeped youre friend i think
Correct Sentence 1: Their car would not start regardless of what they tried, then I think they finally called your friend.

Incorrect Sentence 2: wasnt that a great softball game we seen with colette and liu your friends
Correct Sentence 2: Wasn't that a great softball game we saw with Colette and Liu, your friends?

Daily Oral Language #12

Incorrect Sentence 1: the long poem the lady of the lake was wrote by sir walter scott james said and is considered one of the poets best
Correct Sentence:
Sentence 2: when will you learn me to use this computer jenny asked must i ask you in another three months

Daily Oral Language #14

Incorrect Sentence 1: since they may of drank the orange juice but we didnt touch the fruit punch
Correct Sentence 2: Since they may have drunk the orange juice, since they didn't touch the fruit punch.

Incorrect Sentence 2. jamel dont want nothing returned but newsweek and people the 2 magazines that he give to them students
Correct Sentence 2: Jamel doesn't want anything returned but Newsweek and People, the two magazine that he gave to those students.

Daily Oral Language #15

Incorrect Sentence 1: shira announced heatedly the better of them three runners didnt even place in that there matathon
Corrected Sentence 1: Shira heatedly announced that the best of the three runners didn't even place in that marathon.

Incorrect Sentence 2: the oil bursted during the morning during the afternoon mom founded a plumber to repair them
Corrected Sentence 2: The oil burst during the morning so in the afternoon mom found a plumber to repair them.

Daily Oral Language #16

Incorrect Sentence 1: the man who was the one wearing the blue workshirt should of brung his wife and child with he
Corrected Sentence 1: The man, who was wearing the blue work shirt, should have brought his wife and child with him.

Incorrect Sentence 2: the australian aborigine have knowed for a long time what it means to be persecuted dont you think
Corrected Sentence 2: The Australian aboriginal have known for a long time what it means to be persecuted, don't you think?

Daily Oral Language #17

Incorrect Sentence 1: the spirit of st louis was the plane whom charles linbergh flies in across the atlantic
Corrected Sentence 1: The Spirit of St. Louis was the plane in which Charles Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic.

Incorrect Sentence 2: the future of the internet is the name of a article in this Computer magazine do you want to read them
Corrected Sentence 2:"The Future of the Internet" is the name of an article in this computer magazine, do you want to read it?

Class 18:

Incorrect Sentence 1: 38 customoers should of did the following examined the merchandise returned in and they should of wrote a letter of compliant.
Corrected Sentence 1: Thirty eight custoers should have done the following: examined the merchandise, returned it and they should have written a letter of complaint.

Incorrect Sentence 2: dad said you could of raise the window for more air or you could of open the door for more air
Corrected Sentence 2: Dad said "you could have raised the window for more air or you could have opened the door for more air."

Class 19:

Incorrect Sentence 1: arent their alot of quoted passages in youre short story peter
Corrected Sentence 1: Aren't there a lot of quote passages in your short story, Peter?

Incorrect Sentence 2: the students had sold many newspaper subscriptions the computer doesnt coss them to much
Corrected Sentence 2: The students had sold many newspaper subscriptions because the computers don't cost too much.

Class 20:

Incorrect Sentence 1: irregardless of the similarities youve noted the washington post is different than the new york times
Corrected Sentence 2: Regardless of the similarities you've noted, The Washington Post is different from The New York Times.

Incorrect Sentence 2: nancy unpacked the software starts the computers and then she loads it
Corrected Sentence 2: Nancy unpacked the software, started the computer and then she loaded it.

Class 21:

Incorrect Sentence 1: rushing across the street the bluish purple motorcycle almost hit leo
Corrected Sentence 1: Rushing across the street, the bluish purple motorcycle almost hit Leo.

Incorrect Sentence 2: she has a great photo of the scene anna yelled as she runs to help her Sister
Corrected Sentence 2: "She has a great photo of the scene!" Anna yelled, as she ran to help her sister.

Class 23:

Incorrect Sentence 1: shira reckless drived the car in to the lot flignedd the door open qickly and then shetakes her briefcase in to the house
Corrected Sentence 1: Shira recklessly drove the car into the lot, flung the door open quickly and then took her briefcase into the house.

Incorrect Sentence 2: the television soap opera guiding light is on early still at work when it began
Corrected Sentence 2: The television soap opera, Guiding Light, was on early, I was still at work when it began.